Welcome to the Chabad of Colorado Springs Jewish Community!

The Chabad of Colorado Springs Jewish Community was started by a U.S. Army and Chabad Rabbi and his wife to serve the Jewish troops who were stationed at the five military bases in the Colorado Springs area. The community has grown to the point it was decided to open the CCSJC to better serve not just military members but college students and families in Colorado Springs.

The goal of the new center is to help grow and strengthen the Jewish Community in the city. With the growing number of Jewish military members and college students and a new influx of Jewish families into the area, the need for a Jewish Community has become essential. The Community will be a home for Jews, both religious and non-religious to reconnect with their Jewish faith and identity.

And, CCSJC will provide a place for families, military members, and college students to spend Friday nights having a Shabbat dinner with other members of the Community!

Want to learn more? Curious about Chabad of Colorado Springs Jewish Community? Want to attend a Friday night Shabbat dinner? Have a specific question? Call us at 719.749.1770 or use the form below:

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